Kalong sunset

Palau Kuaba is a small island in the Komodo peninsula. It houses tens of thousands  of ‘kalong’ or flying foxes who emerge every sunset to hunt for food. Initially emerging either solitary or in pairs, in few minutes they literally fill the sky.

An eerie but beautiful to see these silhouettes against the crimson  sky.


Sunda flying foxes at sunset

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Imagine Komodo Dragons

Found only on the islands around Flores in Indonesia, the Komodo dragon is the largest living species of lizards. They can grow up to a maximum length of 3 meters, and weigh upto 70 kg. Only about 3,000 are left alive and their numbers  are sadly dwindling.

This pregnant female was sunbathing across a walking path, early in the morning. In this photo, she had clearly heard something, and perked herself to see what it was.

Komodo Dragon


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Komodo National Park

I just returned from a 2-night 9-dive liveaboard trip to Komodo National Park.

What a treat! Apart from stunning flying fox sunsets and komodo dragon mornings, the diving  was simply stunning. Sharks, mantas, sting rays, turtles, we had it all.

I’d highly recommend the trip, and also our dive operator Divine Diving

Some images below:

Sting ray on the sea bed

Baby white-tipped reef shark

These two baby sharks took cover under some coral, as they saw us approach

A manta ray. Such a majestic and calming presence!

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The evening fisherman

Fisher of Sunset

I followed him on Kuta Beach for 45 minutes, watching him effortlessly cast his net. He explained that a friend was coming over this evening, and he would like to share some fresh fish with him.

Sadly, he fished the sea in vain.



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Rocks and goats

Mongolia’s rocks are amongst the oldest in the world, shaped over 130 million years into very large piles of very big pebbles! Amongst these pebble-rocks roam Ibix goats, climbing high up to hide from the sun, and from predators.

How many goats can you spot in this picture?

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Mongolian birds

I rarely post all my bird photographs from a trip. But there seems to be such little documentation of Mongolian birds that I thought I just might go ahead.

Over the course of my trip I was fortunate enough to see a very broad set of terrains, from stunningly blue streams by lush green meadows to stark rocky desert. Host to such a broad variety of birds!

Black vulture

Picture 1 of 25

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The Boat People

I’ve just returned from a trip to Vietnam – what a visual treat it was! I’ll share photos in installments, as I sort through the 1,600 odd exposures from the trip. First, though, I thought it fitting to publish a series on the various river and sea boats we encountered on our trip. It’s truly a tribute to this ancient water borne culture that they live and work on such a broad set of vessels!

20150410Vietnam 2015 14253 The Boat People.jpg20150406Vietnam 2015 13814 The Boat People.jpg20150405Vietnam 2015 13499 The Boat People.jpg20150410Vietnam 2015 14189 The Boat People.jpg20150405Vietnam 2015 13373 The Boat People.jpg20150410Vietnam 2015 14344 The Boat People.jpg20150410Vietnam 2015 14389 The Boat People.jpg20150404Vietnam 2015 13061 The Boat People.jpg20150410Vietnam 2015 14421 The Boat People.jpg20150406Vietnam 2015 13809 The Boat People.jpg20150406Vietnam 2015 13829 The Boat People.jpg20150410Vietnam 2015 14272 The Boat People.jpg20150406Vietnam 2015 13834 The Boat People.jpg20150410Vietnam 2015 14497 The Boat People.jpg20150410Vietnam 2015 14188 The Boat People.jpg20150410Vietnam 2015 14387 The Boat People.jpg20150410Vietnam 2015 14212 The Boat People.jpg20150410Vietnam 2015 14243 The Boat People.jpg20150410Vietnam 2015 14246 The Boat People.jpg20150410Vietnam 2015 14192 The Boat People.jpg

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Parenting the bird way

I finally got to spend substantial time with our nesting yellow-vented bulbuls today. They’re now used to our presence and the clicking of the camera, so father and mother come and go without giving us a thought. The chicks, too, have become rather playful and loud.

Their poor parents slaved in Manila’s heat all day, panting away to keep the little ones fed.

20150329Home12410 Bulbul nest.jpg20150329Home12432 Bulbul nest.jpg20150329Home12530 Bulbul nest.jpg20150329Home12633 Bulbul nest.jpg20150329Home12693 Bulbul nest.jpg

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Bulbul nesting!

A few weeks ago my mother spotted this Yellow Vented Bulbul building a nest, literally a meter from our kitchen window. Over the following weeks, its chick hatched, grew and took wings. A step at a time, we got it used to us, and in the end I ventured to capture this photo of it feeding its chick. They flew off together a couple of weeks ago, but I’m delighted to announce she’s just returned, and laid another egg! Stand by for more, now that she’s quite comfortable with us watching

20150208Home11774 Bulbul nest.jpg

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New year, new bird

I was sitting in my garden today, reading a Ken Follett, when this Colasisi (aka Philippine Hanging Parrot) popped out of nowhere and started to twitter noisily. This is my first ever encounter with a colisisi and it was exciting to host him, even if only for a few minutes. I hope this bodes for a great year of wildlife sightings!


20150104 Vilankulo 11318 Colasisi


20150104 Vilankulo 11327 Colasisi

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