Yellow-throated leaf bird

Recently went  on a birding walk in Irawan, near Puerto Princessa in Palawan. Was fascinated to watch the leafbirds. They blend so easily into the background leaves. And yet, are so gorgeous. Nature is indeed wonderous!


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Taal Lake

We went to Taal Volcano (south of Manila) today, giving me a chance to shoot after a long break.

The island you see is an island within a lake, within a crater, within a lake, within a crater!

The highlight of the outing was the opportunity to shoot these sulphuric fumes emanating from the ground – a remnant of pre-history volcanic activity – with the backdrop of some rather dramatic clouds. I hope you enjoy it.

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San Pedro Cutud

I’ve long heard about the Good Friday flagellation and crucifixion rituals at San Pedro Cutud in the Philippines. I must confess I’ve felt mixed about them. A spectacle? Fanatic devotion? A step too far?

Today, I had the privilege to attend. I’m not sure I’m any closer to intellectually understanding what it’s about. But hours of gospel hymns and goosebumps later, I’m moved. By the faith of the participants. By the enthusiasm of the spectators. And by 3 hours out in the sun, at 40 degrees Celsius…

Below are a few photos from today.

‘Nuff Said


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Hey ho, Hey Ho, it’s game driving we go!





The witching hour! 6 am, before the start of the drive. What will we see today?


Hey ho

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Perching by the pond

White-throated kingfisher waiting above a pond on a hot day in Tadoba, India

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A chestnut-tailed starling stares wistfully at a flower, before diving right in!

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Village in the Vale

I’ve recently returned from a trip to Mashobra, near Shimla. The bird life was wonderful (despite the near-freezing temperatures) and the vistas were amazing. The below picture, looking over Seepur village below, highlights the pine woods and clear nights, the perfect backdrop to good whisky, home-cooked food and much song!

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The light at the borewell at Bitterpan campsite in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park provides the only distraction to the glowing stars. This picture was taken at around 5 am on a cold spring morning, when the universe seemed endless…

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Another aborted hunt

This mother and baby cheetah seem despondent after multiple aborted hunts, as wildebeest and zebra look on

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Sunset over the mangroves

The sun deck at Ibo Island Lodge is the most perfect place to watch the sun go down, interrupted only by the vagrant lilac-breasted roller…


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