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Kalong sunset

Palau Kuaba is a small island in the Komodo peninsula. It houses tens of thousands  of ‘kalong’ or flying foxes who emerge every sunset to hunt for food. Initially emerging either solitary or in pairs, in few minutes they literally fill the sky.

An eerie but beautiful to see these silhouettes against the crimson  sky.


Sunda flying foxes at sunset

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Mongolian birds

I rarely post all my bird photographs from a trip. But there seems to be such little documentation of Mongolian birds that I thought I just might go ahead.

Over the course of my trip I was fortunate enough to see a very broad set of terrains, from stunningly blue streams by lush green meadows to stark rocky desert. Host to such a broad variety of birds!

Black vulture

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San Pedro Cutud

I’ve long heard about the Good Friday flagellation and crucifixion rituals at San Pedro Cutud in the Philippines. I must confess I’ve felt mixed about them. A spectacle? Fanatic devotion? A step too far?

Today, I had the privilege to attend. I’m not sure I’m any closer to intellectually understanding what it’s about. But hours of gospel hymns and goosebumps later, I’m moved. By the faith of the participants. By the enthusiasm of the spectators. And by 3 hours out in the sun, at 40 degrees Celsius…

Below are a few photos from today.

‘Nuff Said


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Sunset over the mangroves

The sun deck at Ibo Island Lodge is the most perfect place to watch the sun go down, interrupted only by the vagrant lilac-breasted roller…


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